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belly oil

During pregnancy, mothers to be can turn to Mum. Motherhood Essentials "belly oil" for a moisturizing but gentle (and baby-safe) oil to keep skin supple and help prevent stretch marks.

Stretch marks are common, and frankly something that should be cared for with love. “belly oil” was created to soothe, moisturize, and help reduce and remove the appearance of your stretch marks, scars, dehydrated skin, and uneven tone.

Mum's "belly oil" is dermatologist recommended, made with ethically sourced,  rich, hydrating essential oils combined with Jojoba, and Vitamin A, E. 

Jojoba oil, which is composed of a variety of healing properties effectively work to soothe and heal your skin from the outside, in. Vitamin A & E work together to build and support your skins immune system, promote moisturizing and healing, and effectively provides a radiant glow. 

"belly oil" is ultra-rich and moisturizing, and free of petroleum, parabens and artificial fragrance — so you can feel good about slathering it on your skin both during and after pregnancy.

Natural and safe for your body, before, during and after pregnancy- or for everyday use. 

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