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Baby's Grasp


mum. Motherhood Essentials was founded for all the moms out there that don't want to compromise on the products they are using for themselves and their babies. Motherhood already has it's tough moments... deliberating between products you can feel safe and confident using, shouldn't be an added task on your daily to-do list.
Through tireless testing and scouring of the "pregnancy, motherhood and baby" marketplace, we began realizing that many products out there today, be it products related to skin, feeding, teething, were flawed. They all speak of "safe ingredients and products" but what does that really mean? We began looking a bit further. we read, talked, listened, researched and knew that it was no longer enough to produce a pretty product, and say it was good for you, we needed to develop products that are good enough for you and your baby. 
mum. Motherhood Essentials, started as a simple solution to fix the gap in the marketplace and develop a brand and community that you can feel confident in belonging to, and trust, however it has grown to so much more. mum. has developed into a brand of innovation, where we bring mothers from all backgrounds and beliefs together, for one benefit- your babies.
With products designed and developed for mom, baby and toddler alike, mum. offers a range of products that cater to your everyday life, while ensuring a brand you can be proud of and products you can feel safe using. 
The mum. Team
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